BEST partner saves 7-Eleven group in Denmark 2.7 million kWh

The Reitan group is one of the largest companies in Scandinavia. Based in Norway, they employ more than 38,000 people across seven countries and recorded a gross revenue of 89 billion Norwegian krone in 2016. Reitan owns the 7-Eleven operating license.

BEST’s flagship partner in Denmark – IQ Energy Nordic – have forged a remarkable relationship with a huge player in the local convenience store market. Working closely with Reitan Group, they have orchestrated a 120-store roll-out of Eniscope complete energy monitoring system.

The result? A huge saving of 2,700,000 kWh and over 864 tons of carbon dioxide.

No-cost or low-cost solutions

The incredible savings above were achieved with what BEST calls ‘low-cost or no-cost’ solutions – i.e. by identifying wastage using Eniscope’s comprehensive data and acting to address problems with behavior modification or technical fixes.