Atmos Intelligent Lighting Sensor

Atmos Intelligent Lighting Sensor

Advanced, intelligent lighting controls

When designing a new lighting scheme, the performance of your solution can be transformed through each unit having its own highly-configurable Atmos intelligent wireless sensor. Atmos not only monitors and reacts to occupancy through a unique passive infra-red eye, but also responds to subtle variations in ambient light. In 90% of all installations, Atmos customers have experienced savings between 70-80% and typically see paybacks on their investment of between 1-2 years.

Atmos will integrate with both digital and analogue devices and is based on wireless technology control. It is simple to install and set up to your exacting needs and will deliver superior results every time with zero maintenance requirements.

Atmos is perfectly suited for integration into high-bay installations found in factories, retail outlets, malls, arenas, car showrooms, exhibition halls, and supermarkets. There are thousands of potential applications, including warehousing and distribution.