Energy Efficiency Case Studies

School district saves $8 million teaming up with BEST partner

Hillsborough County School District (HCSD) is one of the largest in the U.S. – in terms of square footage, the size of Rhode Island. So their energy bill is correspondingly massive. Without a budget to invest in energy-saving solutions, how could they hope to reduce these costs?

BEST partner Minimise USA, utilizing the Eniscope energy management system, found a way. They’ve managed to save HCSD $8 million per year – money which can be put back into the school system and curriculum to benefit students. View the video for details on how savings have been made, verified and sustained with Eniscope.


BEST partner saves 7-Eleven group in Denmark 2.7 million kWh

The Reitan group is one of the largest companies in Scandinavia. Based in Norway, they employ more than 38,000 people across seven countries and recorded a gross revenue of 89 billion Norwegian krone in 2016. Reitan owns the 7-Eleven operating license.

BEST’s flagship partner in Denmark – IQ Energy Nordic – have forged a remarkable relationship with a huge player in the local convenience store market. Working closely with Reitan Group, they have orchestrated a 120-store roll-out of Eniscope complete energy monitoring system.

The result? A huge saving of 2,700,000 kWh and over 864 tons of carbon dioxide.

No-cost or low-cost solutions

The incredible savings above were achieved with what BEST calls ‘low-cost or no-cost’ solutions – i.e. by identifying wastage using Eniscope’s comprehensive data and acting to address problems with behavior modification or technical fixes.


Retirement community sees first-year energy savings of $120,000

The residents association at Kings Point has had the thankless task of monitoring increasing energy costs across a retirement community housing more than 13,000 residents in Delray Beach, Florida. Eniscope made that a whole lot easier.

A transparent, proven approach

The formula followed by BEST partner EcoEnergy presented an opportunity for the Kings Point association to take charge of their rising energy costs, providing them with a transparent and proven approach to energy monitoring and efficiency.

No longer would the management team need to accept the exaggerated claims of well-versed salespeople. They would be in the driver’s seat and the energy savings would be there for all to see. The first stage in the process focuses on bringing current energy consumption under control with Eniscope monitoring, following the mantra, “You can’t control what you can’t measure.”

The Strategy

EcoEnergy combined retrofit LED lighting systems with motion sensors, Chilled Unit Energy Savers (CUES), and variable-frequency drives (VFDs) on pool motors across the site.

The Results

In just over 12 months, Kings Point benefited from an up to 35% reduction in their annual energy spend, resulting in a cash saving of $120,000 in year one.


KFC South Africa saves 24% on energy costs

BEST’s South African partner, EnergyRite, has been working with Moral Foods, a local franchisee of KFC. In a short space of time, they have generated impressive savings for two pilot stores. Moral Food’s owner, Mr. Rughubeer, contacted EnergyRite after hearing about the savings the company had achieved for another local business.

EnergyRite performed a full site audit and set about installing BEST’s state-of-the-art, real-time energy monitoring solution, Eniscope. The data collected allowed the team to perform a detailed analysis of the energy consumption within those stores, allowing for no-cost or low-cost savings to be identified and presented to Mr. Rughubeer.

At an equipment level, on-site chillers were fitted with timers and thermostats, eliminating the wasteful legacy system that relied on pressure pads. LED lighting was fitted throughout each store, front and back, including signage.

Of the working relationship with this BEST partner, Mr. Rughubeer says, “We are delighted with the results EnergyRite have been able to achieve, they have exceeded our expectations.”