CUES: Chilled Unit Energy Saver

CUES: Chilled Unit Energy Saver

Maximize your fridge efficiency

Achieve High Energy Savings and Accurate Temperature Control

  • CUES can save your business up to 33% on its refrigeration costs, with often less than a 2-year payback period.

  • Reduce the burden on your refrigeration units, increase their performance and extend their life-cycle with a simple, easy-to-install product.

  • Maintain the temperature of your food, not your fridge. CUES accurately maintains the only temperature figure that matters.

The Problem With Refrigeration

The key issue is that refrigeration units are set to a temperature to maintain via thermostat, and the compressor unit of that fridge is cycled on and off to maintain it. On the face of it, this is sensible. But what really matters – the air temperature in the cabinet, or the food temperature?

Crucially, the two are quite different – the thermodynamic properties of solid food differing substantially from that of air. So while the air may well need re-cooling, the food might well not. Much of the effort expended by your fridge is therefore wasted – attempting to keep cool food that is already happily at the desired temperature.

The CUES Solution

CUES is a simple, retrofit solution to this problem of over-active refrigeration units. A compact, high-tech device – CUES contains an advanced food simulant with the same thermal characteristics as typical food products. It is installed directly over the incumbent thermostats and ensures that food temperature, not air temperature, becomes the driving force behind your refrigerator’s activities.

The result is typically longer compressor cycles, but with up to an 80% reduction in frequency. Clients enjoy substantial energy reductions as a result – up to 33% in many cases – and greater control over food temperature, with benefits to health and safety.

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