Energy Efficiency for School Districts

Drive positive change for school budgets

Energy efficiency and sustainability programs in school districts can have a significant positive impact on budgets and funding. Leverage energy savings into funds to improve the energy infrastructure of your district’s facilities. According to Xcel Energy:

Kindergarten through high school buildings in the U.S. spend an average of 67 cents per square foot on electricity and 19 cents per square foot on natural gas annually. In a typical school building, lighting, space heating, and water heating represent the bulk of total use, making those systems the best targets for energy savings.

Having systems in place to monitor energy use on an on-going basis is the key to identifying, controlling and reducing the amount of energy used annually. Also from Xcel:

Studies have shown that continuously monitoring a building’s energy systems can lead to reductions of 10 percent to 15 percent in annual energy bills. For the typical 100,000 square foot school building, that’s equal to about $14,000 in savings per year! Savings typically come from resetting existing controls to reduce HVAC waste while maintaining or even increasing comfort levels for occupants.

Innovative funding programs can help monetize future energy savings, allowing school districts and other educational systems to implement long-term energy efficiency updates to facilities. According to the U.S. Department of Energy:

K-12 schools and higher education institutions spend a combined $14 billion on utility costs annually. The education sector continues to balance aging facilities with deferred maintenance challenges, rising utility costs, limited budgets, workforce retention concerns, and an increasing demand for technology in the classroom. To address these challenges, schools are focusing on resiliency preparedness, leveraging creative funding mechanisms, implementing measures to reduce plug loads …

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