Sustainability for Manufacturers

End-to-end energy saving for industrial applications

See, analyze and understand your energy consumption across an unlimited number of sites, then act to reduce it with behavior modification and two effective, proven technologies in LED lighting and motor control.

Energy Monitoring & Behavior Modification

The first step to any energy management project is to install real-time energy monitoring equipment that can truly reveal your consumption. With Eniscope you can have a site live and monitored within just three hours, in a fully safe, non-disruptive installation process. Once installed, you can monitor consumption on your own or with the help of Kohort Energy. And what’s more, you can use custom-designed public displays to help change the behavior of your biggest energy leakage area on-site – your staff.

Retrofit | LED Lighting: Up to 85% Energy Savings

Lighting can account for 50% or more of a business’s energy consumption. It’s a significant part of any energy bill, but it’s also one of the least efficient – with a huge proportion of energy used (up to 90%) lost as heat. Eluma intelligent LED lighting combines cutting-edge LED technology with unique heat dissipating casing, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing for the ultimate in energy saving industrial lighting.

And the best part? It all happens automatically.

Retrofit | Motor Control: Up to 40% Energy Savings

Despite accounting for almost 65% of all energy used in industry, AC induction motors are often inefficient, over-sized and wasteful. Integra intelligent motor control modulates the effort of the motor depending on the load it’s experiencing. While maintaining the exact same performance, your motor ‘re-sizes’ every fraction of a second to be just powerful enough for the application.

Think of an escalator – does it need to use the same energy to carry 1 person as 100 people?